GloRiC Version 1.0


The Global River Classification GloRiC provides a database of river types and sub-classifications for all river reaches globally.

Version 1.0 of GloRiC provides a hydrologic, physio-climatic, and geomorphic sub-classification, as well as a combined type for every river reach, resulting in a total of 127 river reach types. It also offers a k-means statistical clustering of the reaches into 30 groups. The dataset comprises 8.5 million river reaches with a total length of 35.9 million km.

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Technical documentation

Please consult the GloRiC Technical Documentation for more details on the database.


Data download

The data can be downloaded in 2 different formats (click on the zip-file link for download):

  1. River reaches (line file) in an ESRI Geodatabase (594 MB zip-file).
  2. River reaches (line file) in a Shapefile (548 MB zip-file).


Related publications

Ouellet Dallaire, C., Lehner, B., Sayre, R., Thieme, M. (2018): A multidisciplinary framework to derive global river reach classifications at high spatial resolution. Environmental Research Lettersdoi: 10.1088/1748-9326/aad8e9 (open access)


Project contact

For more information on this project please contact Dr. Bernhard Lehner